L'arpa notturna (ARS Produktion)
    Werke von Franz Liszt, Paul Hindemith, Michail Glinka,
    Franz Schubert u.a.

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Plank has a real command of light and shade. She's adept at creating musical perspective; a soft-edged, almost muted accompaniment against which foreground figures glint and sing in shades that can range from the brilliant to the sombre, often within the same phrase. [...] This is a thoughtful and beautifully played disc
WEITERLESEN (Gramophone, Richard Bratby, Juli 2017)

"a consummate musician capable of producing any shade of color in polished splendor, all with a gift few of us have: to make it sound easy. [...] A command of the instrument and its many moods is what sets Elisabeth apart from the very first note [...] Elisabeth is not playing the music, but embodying it [...] (Hindemith) The line of phrase sings, even in the second "Lebhaft" movement that could all too easily be an exercise in technique. [...] This idea of bel-canto-playing-throughout-no-matter-what-is-required-technically is especially apparent in the pedal harp showcase by Wilhelm Posse, "Variations on the Carnival of Venice". [...] in Elisabeth's hands, it takes on a new magnitude of possibility. She detaches each voice, allowing them their individuality and creating the startling effect of two players. [...] perfect dramatic timing."
WEITERLESEN | (Harp Column, Alison Young, 31.10.2017)